Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog birth

I was inspired this afternoon by Rea Carey, Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (, to turn my anger at the lack of LGBT human rights into dedication to creating change and to increasing visibility for the LGBT community. Carey encouraged LGBT folks and our straight allies not to give in to anger at the lack of change, but rather to redouble our efforts to engage in conversations, letter writing campaigns, blogging (and any other means at our disposal) in order to create meaningful change in the areas that are most important to us such as marriage equality and employment non-discrimination. She also advocated for LGBT folks to stand united on issues that affect all of us such as federal immigration reform and healthcare reform. Carey's address gave me two important things: 1) a space for my anger, and 2) a place to go with my anger that was productive. I feel fortunate that I was able to thank her in person for these gifts after the address in a rather fortuitous elevator ride!

So...I will dedicate this blog to fulfilling the request of Rea Carey to educate and advocate for change. I will do my best to make blog posts informative and educational. That said, I am not a gifted blogger (as are many of my friends). Rather, I am much more prone to formality and dryness and tangents and excessive use of parentheses, etc., in both written and verbal communication. (See above if you need evidence of this :) I'll do my best not to be too anal-retentive in my tone from here on out.

Thanks for reading. Sarah

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