Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm selfish. Probably to a fault. I tend to figure that as long as I'm not hurting anyone, everything will be OK. As such, it has never occurred to me not to be affectionate with someone I'm in a relationship with for fear that it might make those around us uncomfortable. Ooops. Told 'ya I was selfish.

The interesting thing about marriage equality- at least based on my anecdotal evidence here in Iowa- is that it is giving all of us the legitimacy to be comfortable in our relationships. We are considered equal (at least in the eyes of the state), which means that we can behave the same as any other couple in public and around our family and friends. It is amazing to experience that kind of freedom, relief, legitimacy, and belonging.

I also think it's an amazing opportunity for both strangers and friends/family to see more love. One of my favorite things to observe is an older couple holding hands. How wonderful would it be to live in a world with even more couples holding hands?

Peace out.

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