Friday, March 26, 2010

Fecundity (i.e., in the sense of productive, fruitful conversations that could arise)

Caveat: I'm feeling snarkier than usual this morning, which is a rather frightening state. That said, not naming any names, but ever notice the plethora of "not-yet-all-the-way-out" but quietly confirmed to be lesbian and gay folks on all sorts of morning, noon, and night national television programming?

What if rather than focusing on morning programming about "secrets of your dishwasher" (no kidding- that was on this morning- although I did confirm that it's best to put silverware in 'facing up' if you want it to come out the cleanest), these folks were to do some programming about the truths in their lives and the rights and protections they wish they had under the law.

I do not believe they would be abandoned by their loyal followers. Rather, I believe the vast majority would be personally supported. Furthermore, imagine the progress we could make with that many more voices. As I learned at NGLTF's Creating Change Conference, if gay and lesbian folks do not have meaningful conversations with those around them (and, in these cases, the millions listening to them) about these issues, folks around them just figure that the issues aren't important and said gay and lesbian folks really just don't care that much.

Imagine the fecundity of subsequent conversations among millions of Americans were those who occupy prominent places in society (i.e., the folks that people listen to on a daily basis on hem) to officially and publicly come out.

Told you, snarkier than usual, but I'm just sayin'....

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